Thursday, January 31, 2008

10 Things that "Delight" Me

1. Lying in bed reading all. by. myself. (Well, okay, I have to come up for air and Diet Coke every so often . . .)

2. Every single day with my beautiful daughter

3. Laying my head on my Handsome Hubby's chest while he's sleeping just to hear his heart beat.

4. REALLY, REALLY clever advertising that makes me want to buy something that I ordinarily wouldn't want to. (I'm a Marketing Manager, ok? I'm jaded. This is hard to acheive!)

5. Going out to lunch with friends at Governor Stumpy's.

6. Sail-boating on Lake Lotawana on a beautiful, slightly breezy day in May

7. Lying on my parents' dock, watching the sun set on a summer evening.

8. Watching my Handsome Hubby, an actor, perform. Even better? Watching Darling Daughter's reaction to HH's performance when I take her.

9. Possum Holler (Rhineland, MO) on a Sat. afternoon in October when the leaves are changing.


10. Sitting still and listening to whatever God has been trying to tell me, but I've been too busy to hear.