Monday, March 10, 2008

Tammy Wynette I am NOT!

The Gov. of NY got caught with his pants down (or caught on a wire tap, whichever). Am I shocked in this post- "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"/nefarious foot tapping in the men's restroom era?

No. I don't even care where the "Do-Gooder Gov" dips his wick. He's busted. It might end his career, it might not. I don't really care. It's a shame that he tainted a "better than most" record with such a disgusting crash n burn.

If it happens, I don't feel sorry for him at all. I do feel sorry for his 3 teenage daughters. I can't imagine showing your face at high school after such a scandal. It would be hard to heal a cut like that with your dad. What a great role model he must be.

I feel sorry for his wife. Most likely a wonderful, dedicated woman who's stood by him thru the ups and downs of his political career. It's always the sweetest women that get cheated on. How's he going to explain why he was seeing a prostitute the night before Valentine's Day? How could you ever sleep with a guy after finding out something like that? Especially your husband of so many years? Why even try to save a marriage after that?

The one thing I don't understand is how his wife stood by him at the press conference. It's always the same scene. Bad boy politician, backed into a corner finally confesses to the public that he "acted outside of good judgement". Long suffering wife, humilitated, heart broken, glassy-eyed, somber standing in the background.

WHY DO THESE WOMEN DO THIS?! Why show the prick that cheated on you and destroyed your family any solidarity or support? Why? Why? Why?

I didn't understand it back in Bill and Monica scandal and I certainly don't understand it in the long parade of women since Hillary.

I'm waiting for the day that the wronged wife doesn't show up for the press conference, or interrupts it by calling him out. I don't think it shows "class" to stand in the background, looking down trodden but strong. It seems weak to me.

It would just take one woman to string her man up by the balls publically to start a different trend. Infidelity is so passe these days, it seems. If it's made to be such a public thing that he has to confess on live tv, why can't the apology where he is on his knees begging his wife's forgiveness be there as well? Why no follow up stories about how hard he tries to win her back? Oh, because the aftermath is supposed to be private.

Wronged women are giving themselves a bad precendence. They are expected to be quiet and somber in the wake of such betrayal. I've always been taught silence is compliance.

Why doesn't the media do a story on how morals should be upheld and the personal accountability to one's spouse should be above anything?

Wow. This is a really preachy post, but it's a sensitive subject to me. I've seen so many of my friends' personal lives destroyed by straying spouses that I can't help but get riled up by this...