Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trippy, Trippy Political Dreams

I've been waiting until I FINALLY finished my "If Barack Came to Dinner..." post to discuss this, but, this website is too crazy to pass up!

Let's say you have a wild dream about one of the candidates. It's 2 am and you HAVE to share it with SOMEBODY! Well, everyone you know is asleep. That's ok. You can share your crazy wild dream with the entire world.

A few dreams:

A guy who dreamt that he was finger painting during a war with Hillary who invited him to a Hillary pep rally

A 30 yr old woman who calmed from a temper tantrum by dancing with Barack

A guy who had a dream that Billy Idol and John McCain were really the same guy and while McCain was supposed to be at the Hanoi Hilton, he was really living the rock star life

I can be such a voyeur sometimes, but this is truly interesting. Based just on how many dreams people have submitted since Feb/March of this year, here's how the unconscious of America will vote:

Barack: 101 dream votes
Hillary: 91 dream votes (it's a close race)
John McCain: 6 dream votes (to be fair, his site was started in March while the other 2 were started in Feb. But STILL, not very dreamy!)

So there you have it. Barack is dreamiest. Just ask my neighbor.

Anywho, I feel boring. I haven't dreamt of any of them. Maybe I need to try the Homer Simpson method of transcendental lucid dreaming. (Remember the episode where he's at the Chili Cook Off and he eats Chief Wiggum's Guatemalan insanity peppers, passes out and goes into a weird dream. He hooks up with that crazy coyote spirit guide who tries to help him realize Marge is his real soul mate.)

Anyway, check out the site, enjoy, add something to it if you can. I'll let you know if I dream of any of them.