Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moxie Loves a Conspiracy...

Handsome hates "theoreticals". Don't ever ask him a "What if..." question. He will refuse to answer on general principle. He deals in reality and fantasy and "What if's" are strictly kept on stage.

Me, I love the "What If's". Can't get enough of them. I don't care how crack pipe crazy the theory is, I'll hear you out. I may laugh my ass off at your insanity, but twisted logic and hidden agendas hovering just below the surface fascinate me.

When it comes to "Hidden Histories" I'm in nerdy orgasmic bliss. Hardly anything fascinates me more than the Mafia or La Costra Nostra, if you will. I'm not Sicilian or Italian even, but I'm fascinated by them.

My best friend is related to some VERY mobbed up families in KC History. Oh the stories she/her mom/grandma have told! I even wanted to do my thesis on the history of the mob in KC, and I was so adamant about it that my advisor not only refused me ("I won't have one of my students whacked for their thesis" was his direct quote) but had an "Italian American" fellow student talk me out of it.

Anywho, while I'd like to believe that Sondheim's "Assasins" is the true explaination of how JFK was killed, I'm convinced it was the Mob and the CIA that whacked him.

I read this fascinating book, "Mob Lawyer: The Autobiography of Frank Ragano" and not only does it cover Jimmy Hoffa, but it explains how Santos Trafficante was approached by the CIA to off John Kennedy.

My BFF called me last night and told me about this movie about Joseph Bananno, who allegedly was the mob boss, along with Jimmy Hoffa and Santos Trafficante that was "hired" to do the hit.

According to them and other reports, the hit happened from a storm drain...not the Texas Book Depository or the infamous "Grassy Knoll".

I'd never heard the storm drain

Crack pipe? Most likely...but if you like that sort of thing...that's the sort of thing you'd like...

Random History Post 1, just for you, Dave...Soon...KC exclusive stuff...

PS. If you are at all historically or musical theatre inclined and don't know about "Assassins", spank yourself and go to Barnes and Noble (or your favorite independent local music store) and purchase it. You'll never pray so hard for the insanity of America when it comes to the current prez.

Just watch this it to the end, pardon the shitty acting. John Wilkes Booth convinces Lee Harvey Oswald (along with the other past/future Assassins/wannabes to kill JFK (hint: Handsome's played Hinkley in a different performance)If you don't get goose bumps, you have no soul...that's all. This is one of the most powerful things I've ever seen on stage.

As an historian, who knows the story and the backstory, behind these assassins, Sondheim was incredibly true, right down to the "owls, stamped on the rubber handles". Get the won't regret reading/listening to it.

PSS..."Assassins" has been truly doomed to the Fates...see here.


FletcherDodge said...

"...had an "Italian American" fellow student talk me out of it. "

I'm guessing he made you an offer you couldn't refuse?

Cristen Jones said...

From the sounds of things, you really love conspiracy, Moxie! And I think the word what if can really be a problem, especially if you’re writing for master thesis or phd dissertation. Anyway, I do hope the theory of some story would be proven that it is fact or just fiction.