Friday, April 11, 2008

When the Marketing Gods Stumble...

....Shit like this happens.

Who decided that stereotypical American Idol candidates (toys) were a good idea for Happy Meals (the most deviously clever marketing ploy ever invented)?

I admit that I watch American Idol. I don't care enough to vote, but I DVR it and watch it whenever. Handsome is a singer and I try to be hip with the kids (I'm turning 31 in a week or so and feel out of it). I embrace (and mock) pop culture on a regular basis, but this my friends is "one toke over (that proverbial) line".

Darling's 3 yrs old. We have a weekly "Since You've Been REALLY, REALLY Good" trip to the Arches. (Don't start on me about health, she gets the Chicken Nuggets, milk and apples). Her favorite part is the toy.

Handsome and I prefer Burger King when we're planning on intaking 2 days worth of calories in one sitting. Darling would have none of it. We couldn't really figure out why until Handsome suggested it was the fact the Burger King toys generally tended to be crappy. I think he's right.

We've had a lovely string of Disney Princess accessories (sort of jealous of the scepter and tiara)in the last few trips. Plus, I think Darling likes the indoor play area, so what can I say, my 3 year old has brand loyalty.

Look at these. They're ugly.

Remember these guys? I miss them. They were so cool when I was a kid. Maybe I'm just strongly influenced by puppets....

Nifty trivia fact...Kansas City's own Bernstein & Rein Advertising Agency was the creator of the Happy Meal. FYI...