Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hell Hath No Fury, But I'm Beautiful When I'm Angry

Yeah, so...No Fuss Gus Update because, dearest Constant Reader, I know you've been biting your nails, worried for his safe return. I just know it.

He's gone. Babysitter Who Just Got Fired called the bank today and he's gone. Refusing to accept reality, Handsome, Darling and I drove 35 minutes out of our way, dodging construction on Roe with a car that wants to overheat (it's going in tomorrow) to get to the evil bank that destroys childhood friends.

We had to go thru the drive thru and I pleaded with the semi-sympathetic teller to look, look EVERYWHERE for Gus. Nope, no luck. He was either thrown away (I asked her to look thru the trash) or filched by some other kid (he was pretty beat up, I can't really imagine this, but he is rather lovable, so it's possible.)

I've been truly beside myself, seething in anger since about 4pm CDT. I know it seems like I'm WAY too worked up over my kid's stuffed animal, but I can't help it. He's been thru (practically) every major crisis/triumph in my daughter's life. Her first 3 words were, in order: Ma, Da, Gu (Gus). He was there the first time she rolled over, crawled, walked, said her first word, accomplished potty training. It's like a member of the family is lost forever.

Shut up if you're going to judge me about allowing my daughter to be so attached to him. He had his own personality and both Handsome and I have strong imaginations. We nurture that in our child. My stuffed Peter Bear is lost somewhere under our bed. Handsome understands that some relationships are forever. She's only emotionally dependent on him during sleeping, traveling and pooping (I don't understand this).

Last night was hell.

I took the 8-11:30 shift and believe me, it wasn't pretty. Remember The Exorcist? Yeah, it was something like that.

Once Handsome got home from rehearsal, he took over and took the midnight to 5 am shift.

I probably got 4.5 hours of sleep last night. Understand that Moxie's an 8 hr girl. No more, no less. I'm so fussy today, just thank your stars you aren't near me.

So, Babysitter Who Just Got Fired, was, well fired today, mostly because of her lack of concern. She acted like it was no big deal Gus was gone. After Darling coming home with a black eye the day she filed for divorce, this is one toke over the line.

I've already acquired a Gus replacement from Ebay (paying 3x what he was worth when he originally came out) and the ringer should be arriving on Tuesday. I've told Darling that Gus was on a trip and he'd be back after visiting the doctor who was going to make Gus feel better (no more sore, sewn paws, more stuffing, he'll be able to see better.)

I hope she accepts the New and Improved Gus. God help us all...

Anybody know of any good babysitters in the Brookside/Waldo/Prairie Village area? Moxie's in the market...


Chimpotle said...

I'll take this as a note to have a rotating cycle of stuffed animals to deter attachment.

kcmeesha said...

babysitters next job application:reason for leaving previous job? lost a stuffed animal.

MoxieMamaKC said...

I know it sounds pretty harsh, but it was the last straw after a whole lotta stuff. It was mostly that that was the second or third lie we had caught her saying in 4 months. When we went to the bank to check on Gus, we asked all the employees there (who had also been there the previous day) if they had seen him and they said no, and that no one had ever called. That, plus the fact I didn't like the black eye she got when they got divorced...This was just too much. She had a "So what, who cares" attitude about Darling's loss and if she's going to show that much apathy toward my child...see ya later.