Thursday, May 22, 2008

I promised myself I wouldn't...but....

I swore I would never blog about American Idol. But then again, I do lots of things I say I'll never do. So, if you're sick of AI, me too, and you can just quit reading right here. I'm ok with that.

Today there's tons of praise and criticism around the blogosphere for not only David Cook winning American Idol, but the show itself.

I have just one thing to say:

DAVID COOK WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't like the hype of a tv show, why blog on it? Shut up already and post about stuff that you do like to write about. Allow me to wallow in hometown glory, thank you very much!

I'm a closet AI fan. I really don't like tv nor do I watch it very much at all. My 3 year old has invaded my television with PBS and Noggin. In moderation, of course.

Our DVR list is nothing but "Curious George", "Sesame Street", "Family Guy" (Handsome) and the occasional documentary I tape.

Other than catching the occassional Royals game, History Channel special or some crappy commercial-laden movie, there are only two shows I'm dedicated to watching.

American Idol is my junk food of tv watching. My husband is an actor and after every show during the last 11+ years, the first thing he does when we get in the car after a show is pounce on me for my analysis.

"What did you think of So-and-So? Was this believable? Did I look fat in my costume? Did the music sound alright? Blah, Blah, Blah?"

I'm a pretty good judge of entertainment talent at this point, or at least I delude myself into thinking so. Any way around it, I enjoy critiquing the contestants. I haven't LOVED a contestant since Chris Daughtry. I probably only REALLY like David Cook, but, hey, he's the hometown boy and WAY better than his opponent.

David Archuletta is too young, too goofy looking, needs to get laid and cut his father's ambilical cord. While his voice is technically perfect, he has absolutely NO charisma. No "real life experience" He can't sing anything other than sappy ballads. Even Clay Aiken had more stage appeal than him, and that's freakin' scary!

Just because you can sing well doesn't mean you've got the Moxie (if you will) to be a great performer. It's one of my biggest performing pet peeves. I've seen countless "actors" around Handsome's theatre crowd who have great voices and can sing parts pitch perfect, but SUCK as actors. I just don't believe their character.

The same thing can be said for other performers. You have to "give 'em the ol' Razzle Dazzle" ("Chicago")or it sucks. This was David Archuletta's Achilles heel and why he ultimately got spanked by Blue Springs' finest.

12 million spankings is a lot.

Anyway, last night was a lot of fun. It was a suprise win. I admit, I jumped up and down and screamed with shocked glee. But it wasn't like after Game 7 of the 2001 World Series or anything, I didn't pee my pants or anything. (I almost did when the Diamondbacks won it!)

Sigh, so....if you're an observant Constant Reader, you're still wondering what's the other show I HAVE to watch... It's the greatest show nobody's watching, Mad Men on AMC. Season 1's DVD is on pre-sale right now so you can catch up before July when Season 2 starts.

What's it about? Think Madison Avenue Ad execs, 1960, full of advertising, sex and cigerettes. It is the antithesis to American Idol. It's intelligent, chock full of cultural and historical references and Missouri native and Moxie eye candy, John Hamm. The cinematography and costumes and writing are so incredible...It's a tv orgasm, quite frankly. So pre-order the Season 1 DVD and get caught up.


Sizzle said...

David A. needs to get laid.