Monday, May 5, 2008

It's all in how you say it, really...

Scene: Moxie Family Compound: 0700 hours, this morning...

Moxie: "Oohh...Handsome, you're looking hot today"

Darling: "Come here, Daddy"

(Handsome bends down and Darling feels his forehead)

Darling: "No Mommy, he's not sick, he's cool, not hot."

Well, whatever.

PS. Gus Update: The ringer has arrived and after days of telling her Gus was at the hospital getting fixed up and healed by the doctors. Darling has now been reunited with her "new and improved" lizard. Peace reigns eternal at the Moxie Family Compound.

Gus knocked on the backdoor around 11 am today (I pulled him out of the box and put him on the back steps, knocked on the door and told her to come answer the door. Never did she question him knocking on the back door, thank goodness.)

She stared at him for like 3 long, excruiating seconds, picked him up, burst into tears and said, "There you are. You're home!" She hasn't put him down since.

Sigh. Crisis avoided!