Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kansas City Charity Day

From the files of useless stuff I know...Today, the second Thursday in May, is Kansas City Charity Day.

According to the 1909 City Charter, the second Thursday in May of each year was to be observed as “Charity Day,” “on which appropriate measures may be taken for alleviating the condition of the poor and needy.” (Kansas City, Missouri. Charter and Revised Ordinances of Kansas City. Kansas City: F.T. Riley Publishing Co., 1909. Article 18, Section 33.)

Ways you can celebrate today:
~ Donate to your favorite local charity
~ Volunteer at a soup kitchen (this is something EVERYONE should do at least once in their life.)
~ Adopt a Wayside Waif! Save the puppies!
~ Help Cheeseburger Jerry with a down payment on his lunch.