Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Man Caves, Beware

So, Handsome's Father's Day present was to allow him to take the spare bedroom in our house and turn it into a Man Cave (a very small one, since it's the third small bedroom).

A nice restful place that he can set up his home office (he works from home at least once a week), have a place for all of his theatre books/paraphenalia from shows he's done and a closet for all his tools. A place that all his video game stuff can go when his friends come over.

He deserves it. He works hard and he spoils Darling and I rotten.

I know he had visions of being on the show Man Caves on DIY Network, but we both doubted that a Musical Theatre themed Cave would be a very good episode for the average red blooded American male. (I assure you his virility is well in tact. They aren't ALL gay.)

Everything was fine and dandy until his brothers started chiming in. With their crazy crack-pipe ideas. Now walls want to come down and extensive electrical wiring is involved.

We're not even going to mention the need (desire) for a 52" plasma TV (to save space you know).

In my mind, it only involved a new coat of paint, a mini-fridge, maybe some new "manly curtains" and furniture moving.

Sigh...what have I gotten myself into?


Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Hi! from NaComLeavMo

What a great gift for your husband! Too bad it's getting out of hand ... ~LOL~

"The D" said...

If you get the 52" plazma I'm pretty sure he can use it computer monitor also.

Mini fridge won't work he will need a full size fridge to fit the keg inside with a built in tap on the outside.

Just tryin to help.

P.s. mount the 52" on the ceiling for maximun space savevage.

Sizzle said...

That sounds like a pretty good episode for a make over show though.

Seriously! I'd watch it. Oh but I'm a girl.

Queenie. . . said...

Curtains and new paint vs. removing walls, rewiring and a 52 inch tv. . .hmmmm. . .this must be that mars-venus thing. MEN!

Eliza said...

Urgh. Man Cave? Home improvements around here tend to rage out of control, too. Here from NCLM but HEY YOU HATE MOST SEAFOOD! I hate ALL SEAFOOD (I can occasionally manage a bacon-wrapped scallop at a party and used to eat tuna once in a while but now don't because of the mercury)!!! People act as if this is a sin against God. "Not even shrimp??? Shrimp are SO GOOD! What about lobster, then? Or crab legs!" Ewww...think it has something to do with the fact that I'm afraid of these creatures when they're alive (hel-LO, crabs and shrimp are like SEA SPIDERS) and so I don't want their carcass on my plate, but I also don't like salmon or flounder or fresh trout or oysters (GAG!) or fish sticks (although once while pregnant I hate a whole box of them and was horrified but couldn't seem to stop myself) or, well, ANYTHING that lives in water. That includes frog legs. Blech! So YAY for NCLM and BOO to seafood (and hey I also hate stupid people--were we separated at birth?), lol!