Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good News......Bad News ~ Moxie's Torment

Good News: Handsome got a part that he auditioned his ASS off to get...At a theatre that pays pretty good (Hello, Christmas Cash) and doesn't affect his day job. He's an up and coming star...YIPPEE!!!!!!

Bad News: The director told him that he has to grow his already-longer-than-I-like hair out and can't even shave until fucking Thanksgiving.

Seriously. THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!

I'm tolerant of the physical demands of his art. I've endured everything from long hair to a shaved belly (but not full chest, don't even ask about THAT show) to man-scara and guyliner. I didn't even say anything (well, very much) when he had simulated sex with a Miss Kansas on stage. (She didn't win the title until a year or so later, but whatever).

I'm the best off stage wife EVER! OK?

I love my husband.

But he hasn't had a haircut since Christmas.

He's furry.

It's like living with The Wild Man of Borneo.

His hair is thick and it grows FAST. Think Jim Morrison when we was fat and bearded (but Handsome isn't fat. And only remotely looks like Jim, RIP...)

I miss his choir boy hair cut and cute little goatee. The Catholic Seminary Drop Out look that I first fell in love with.

I miss him clean shaven where I can see the sexy I-got-hit-in-the-mouth-with-a-pig-feed-shovel-accidently-by-my-dad-when-I-was-8-but-Moxie-pretends-it's-a-dangerous-pirate scar.

I love that scar that you can't see unless you're really up-close (and no one should be that close to my Handsome unless you're asking for an intense cat fight).


This is fucking up family Christmas Card photos.

I like running my fingers thru his hair while we're driving along (and he does too), but when Darling comments that Daddy needs to shave? It's time to mow the yard.



There is a silver lining though...The director has said nothing about back hair.

You know what True Love is?

Nair-ing your hubby's back hair without being totally disgusted (well, mildly grossed out).

And I appreciate that he shaves his armpits for me. This was a request when we were first dating. Nothing is grosser than cuddling with a guy who has sweaty, deoderant caked pits. YUCK! He balked at first and then became a convert and now can't have hair there any more.

If he ever has to shave/wax his chest, I'll be super pissed. I like chest hair. It makes a man cuddly, IMO...

I'll be over this (probably) by tomorrow.

Bear with me, Constant Reader.


Sizzle said...

But think of it this way, if he has to keep growing it out until Thanksgiving and it is already longish now that means for your Christmas card he can dress as JOSEPH and you can be Mary and it'll be so sacreligiously lovely.

Seriously. Send me one.

MoxieMamaKC said...

Ahh...Sizzle...thanks for bringing out the bright side of things...I hadn't thought of it like that.

A co-worker of mine always sends out Thanksgiving invites with his kids dressed up as Pilgrims/Indians.

I'm SO going to one up him this year!We're SO going to do a spoof/mock Nativity for our Christmas photo card this year. Thanks for the idea!

Hey There! I'm Amanda! said...

I agree with The Sizz-that is going to be a Christ-tastic card you send out.