Monday, September 29, 2008

Still Undecided....

So, um, wow! I caused a little flurry with my last post. My finger hovered over the publish button and I did it anyway. I figured that people would come down on me for it and explain Obama's idea of foreign policy more succinctly.

I'm still unconvinced and undecided.

I still don't know who I'm going to vote for in Nov. And I want to vote for one of them without reservations. And I still have reservations.

Granted, no one could possibly mistake me for a conservative, but I do have strong conservative views when it comes to foreign policy, and um, that's about it.

Like almost everyone else in America, I already knew who I thought was going to win the first debate. Most people stick with their candidate no matter what. I already knew I was going to like what McCain had to say.

Just like I already know I'm going to like what Obama is going to have to say in Round 2 when it turns to domestic policy.

For me, this election comes down to what we need to do first to put the country back on track.

Do we fix the stuff at home first? Our schools, our economy, our government? Is this possible with the world hating us some much and threatening to 9/11 us again? Which candidate is going to make my life as an average American better AND safer four years from now?

I'll probably vote for Obama, probably. McCain's way of handling the "War on Terror" appeals to me as the best way to get us out of there without causing another Vietnam/Afghanistan(1980's)/Somalia. But that's about it.

Honestly, when he chose Palin as his running mate, that swayed me more towards Obama. The thought of McCain dropping dead and the beauty queen running the country scares me 8 ways to Sunday.

But, I'm sorry, Obama's lack of political experience and NO experience in the military scares me just as much. We've seen how the one term Governor ran the country, I'm scared Obama's got the potential for some major screw ups.

All of the hypotheticals don't matter. One way or the other, someone will be elected in Nov. and the country will move on. No one is as bad as Bush. Either one of them will do a better job.


May said...

How is it possible that 3 years of being a national senator and 8 years as a national senator qualify as NO political experience? Lincoln had less political experience than that! Not to mention, I would be much happier with an ex-lawyer with rationality and positivity versus an ex-POW who pretends to be a rebel while doing exactly what his party asks. Total crap if you ask me.

MoxieMamaKC said...

Actually, Lincoln started in politics in 1832 in the Illinois General Assembly and was elected President in 1860. So he had a lot more experience than Obama especially taking into account his campaigning and support for candidates when he wasn't in office. And he was also a lawyer and had "military service" (no combat)during the Black Hawk War by serving in the militia.

I also get kind of pissed off with the whole Maverick thing. John McCain is far from maverick-like, and he's not a "breath of fresh air" like we need. I don't think he's fooling anyone with that crap.

I still won't change my opinion about McCain having more experience and a better choice for foreign policy, but I'm glad to hear other opinions since my husband won't argue politics.

I'm pretty sure this election is going to go Obama's way. I like the fact that he at least has a positive attitude. If he is elected, I hope he appoints good advisors to help guide him on foreign policy.

And I think Michelle Obama would be a MUCH better first lady than Cindy McCain. But that's neither here nor there...

Anonymous said...

I'm probably voting for Bob Barr. Not because I'm a Libertarian or think he has a chance in H of winning, but because I'm so sick of having to suck it up and take the lesser of two evils. My vote for Barr is essentially a vote for "none of the above."