Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Ghost Posts ~ EVPs In KC Edition

There are relatively few things that scare me beyond belief. EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) are one of those things.

I do NOT like them, Sam, I am.

Scouring the internet you can find all kinds of stories in our digital age of voice recordings in the oddest places. TV shows like Paranormal State even devote entire episodes to them (and the lady who got addicted to them).

Some theorists even say they can be dangerous and should not be listened to unless you're looking for some trouble.

I'm not sure why I hate them so much, but they really freak me out. Maybe it was seeing White Noise during the baby monitor time of Darling's life.

Baby monitors happen to pick up EVPs really well.

During the paranormal investigations at the museum I work for, I've been privy to listen to some of these recordings. Only once was I in the same room at the time one was caught. We were told to get out. Of course we didn't hear this until the tape was analyzed and played back.

My only real, confirmable by Moxie story about these creepy things was when Handsome and I first bought our house. Darling was only about 4 months old at the time and we were in full blown baby monitor usage.

The baby monitor was on the recessed headboard of our bed so we could definitely be shocked awake when she started crying.

One night, I was discussing Darling with Handsome. He said that sometimes when he walked into her room at night he could feel, but not see someone else there. Handsome's a semi-skeptic in this regard but he's experienced enough with me to believe that ghosts are possible.

I asked him if he felt like it was a bad energy and he said no, it was really good, but really strong. Enough to startle him.

I told him, "You know, I really think my great aunt Darling (whom Darling is named after - the sister to my maternal grandfather)watches over her."

Before Handsome could answer, as clear as a bell, we hear a woman's voice say, "Yes!" We both heard it. Neither of us were hallucinating.

I'm choosing to think it was Great Aunt Darling and that's it. I really didn't want to think to much about it.

I know there have been EVPs recorded at the place I work, so I started searching around for a few paranormal investigations in KC. Check 'em out if you're brave enough.

Paranormal Activity Investigators has a pretty extensive list of recognizable KC Haunts...

MillersParanormal also has some good local stuff. Click on the EVP tab.

MissouriGhosts.net has a 2005 article from the Star


Daphne said...

I am addicted to Ghost Hunters (the show) and sometimes those EVPs freak me out, but on the rare times I've tried to listen to some on the internet they have REALLY freaked me out. So very interesting, however. That's a great story about the baby monitor...