Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Ghost Posts ~ The Other Bedroom

Tuesday I began telling you about the really creepy third floor bedroom, so let's journey across the hall to the bedroom Handsome and I shared for the first few years, shall we?

It was the "front bedroom" if you will, with two dormers and lots of room (except the crappy closet). While it was no where near as foreboding as the other third floor bedroom, we still had some stuff happen in there.

When we moved into the house, down in one of the deep corners of the basement, I found an old 1920's era dressing table. It looked sort of like this except for the ornate scroll stuff on top of the mirror. Otherwise, it's close enough.

It was love at first sight for me. I love, love, love old stuff (duh, I'm a historian!). I asked our landlord if it was ok if I used it and he said sure, since he didn't even know it was even there.

So I made Handsome and his brother lug it up to the third floor for me. That's not the only they brought up. They boys place the dressing table at the foot of our bed and there were a few nights I would wake up and see a shadow standing in front of it.

After living there for about 8 months, Handsome and I broke up (one of the worst few months of my life at the time). Suddenly I was all alone at night in the room. Even though it was a mutual break up/time out, there were nights that I would just cry and cry. One such night, I was laying in the dark, crying and I heard a woman's sigh. I looked up and saw the shadow and it moved to the bed and I could feel it sit down. I felt a cold spot/hand on my arm and I jumped up, turning on the light.

Nothing was there, of course, but I became super sensitive to that spirit. I don't know how I know, but I know the dressing table was hers and even after Handsome and I got back together, she never forgave him. Whenever we were both in the room and I would tell him I could see her shadow, Handsome would say he felt like she was pissed at him.

It was kind of nice to have a protective woman there with me. Besides Handsome, 2 other friends (both women) saw that particular spirit, so I don't think I'm totally crazy. I also kind of feel that a man must have hurt her very badly in her life for her to react to my sorrow and Handsome's prescence so strongly. It was kind of a hard decision of whether to take the dressing table or not when we moved, but ultimately we left it there. It's where she/it belonged.

It was really nice to know she was somehow there, especially when I tell you about the other spirit in that room and he was nowhere near as nice. More about him tomorrow!



I love your Ghost Posts. :) Glad to find someone else who believes in spirits! I've had a few really bizarre encounters with spirits, too. A couple years ago I went through something quite traumatic, and for 6 months afterwards I had horrible nightmares. Then, one day, the nightmares stopped--and I started dreaming of the dead. Dead people, dead pets. Most of them were ones I'd known personally; a few weren't (they were celebrities I'd never met before). They talked to me in my dreams--one of them even came to visit me as I woke up one morning (on the first anniversary of the day of his death). As I got over the trauma, the dreams gradually stopped, but for several months I would either not dream at all or I would dream of the dead. I have a million thoughts on how/why this happened. While I certainly wouldn't want to revisit my post-traumatic period, I do kind of miss my spiritual visitors. :)