Friday, January 23, 2009

Policemen, Firemen and Aliens, Oh My!

From the files of My Kid Says the Weirdest Things:

Scene: Right before Darling's bedtime, she's fillibustering over teethbrushing...I'm trying to figure out my new cell phone. So far, I'm not impressed with AT&T.

Darling: Guess what, Mama! A police officer came to our school today and he told us about emergencies and you should call 911.

Me: Really? What else did he say?

Darling: He said if you call 911, police officers, firemen and aliens come to rescue you.

Me (choking laughter): Are you sure he didn't mean police officers, firemen and ambulances?

Darling: NO! He said aliens.

Me: Ummm...

Darling: You have a new phone. I wish I had a real phone.

Me: Maybe when you're 12...

Darling: After I'm 4, I'll be 12.

Me: Well, not in sequential order.

Darling: What?

Me: We'll see...

Darling: My tummy hurts. Can I call 911?

Me: No, Darling. It's bedtime.

We'll have the aliens and 911 talk later. Hopefully before Will Smith shows up at our door.


Stacey K said...

you might want to rethink that phone at age 12. My oldest once called 911 when she was 12 because she didn't like the punishment we gave. (grounded) She wasn't really trying to call them, she just wanted to 'show us' because obviously we were abusing her. In the end she didn't like the results - seems the cops don't like to be called over groundings.

and she never did it again

Hyperblogal said...

I wish to heck the aliens would come rescue me. I've wanted to be abducted for the last 40 years.