Friday, April 10, 2009

Let's Go Royals!!!

I don't care how bad they suck, Opening Day for the Royals is a High Holy Day of Awesomeness in my world. I love, love, love me some MLB!!!

I'm going to be soggy today, but I'll be at the K, drinking overpriced beer and scarfing some nachos. (If you're that really, really drunk girl who peed her pants in the Ladies restroom line last year, please don't stand next to me this time, m'kay? Thanks.)

I will maintain perfect somberness as I stare at the forbidden hot dogs and remember that Christ died for my sins.

But I'll be cheering for the Boys in Blue! Let's Go Royals!!!

This is my favorite time of the season...the brief few weeks I can kid myself that there's hope for the Royals being a contender for the pennant race. I embrace my self-delusion like a well loved security blanket.


Hyperblogal said...

In past years the Royals only contended into the first part of May.... I really believe it will be much longer this year.... the only doubts I have are about our Manager... just don't know yet.

Beautiful Mess said...

YAy for baseball!!! Have SO much fun!