Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hot Dog Buffet Suggestions?

Since hot dogs are one of Darling's favorite things (Mama's also), we're planning on doing a Build Your Own Hot Dog bar for her birthday.

I need suggestions for some fun hot dog toppings...things for both adults and kids (but not neccessarily both).

Here's what I got so far:

Regular Mustard
Spicy Mustard
Cheese (grated)
Rotel dip

I'm serving chips, pasta salad, veggie tray and fruit basket with it.

What am I missing?

What's your favorite hot dog topping?


Xavier Onassis said...

You need one of these

FletcherDodge said...

Items missing from your list:

Anchovies, peanut butter, caviar (Beluga) and powdered cheese from In-A-Tub.

Sharon Day said...

pickled banana peppers are better than jalepenos--everyone can eat them and they're really tasty.

kcmeesha said...

make sure to get good hot dogs,I got a ton of Hebrew National at Costco.also I like peppers they put on Chicago-style,whatever those are

Average Jane said...

I'd recommend getting more than one kind of relish. I keep sweet pepper relish and dill relish on hand (and I'm picky about the brands because most kinds have high fructose corn syrup in them).

"The D" said...

If you don't add RANCH Dressing then a million puppies will die.

Dan said...

Frank's Red Hot.

A little heat, great flavor!

Hyperblogal said...

I recommend cornflakes.... not a good idea but the kids will just freak out when you bring out the box.... the frosted flakes are the best... remember... when seeking enjoyment the things that kill you in the long run are the most fun in the short run.

Unknown said...

I'd skip the peanut butter than someone suggested - too many food allergies with kiddos these days - best to avoid the scariest one out there.

I'd add hot cheese sauce (like cheez wiz) --- I would eat that up! Put it right next to the chili!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Sport peppers (like Chicago dogs)
Pickle slices (the long ones, not pickle chips)
Celery Salt
Tomato slices (no good hot dog really has ketchup...)

CarrieP said...

I second the Costco Hebrew National rec. Best. Dogs. Ever. Okay, this isn't an item suggestion but rather an issue of presentation. My son just had a cooking party at the Reading Reptile and they made hot dog kabobs. Cut-up pieces of dog, bun and pickles on a stick, with ketchup and mustard for dipping. Looked kinda grody to me but the kids LOVED making and eating them.

Aubrey said...

Have I missed the deadline?! LOL

My suggestions would be diced tomatoes and hot nacho cheese sauce. Not together. Well maybe...


MGW said...

I truly believe in the simplier the hot dog topping, the better. The big beef hot dogs from Cosco (and they also are at Sam's righ now) are the best. However, you might think about different methods of cooking: boiling, steaming, grilling (or frying). Each method produces a different texture for the dogs. Sounds like a fun party if MIL doesn't frost you first. Good luck!

Anti-Supermom said...

Now I see that I've missed the deadline, I was going to 'third' the Hebrew dogs and make sure to have pickles -

So did you? Was the party a success?

MuseSwings said...

You're just missing the chocolate chips. Use the mini sized ones. They stick to the hotdog,

Patty said...

I know I am posting this late, but cole slaw..Hot dogs with chilli have to have cole slaw..Yummy