Friday, October 9, 2009

Apparently, I have a "sucker" tattoo

Yep. I probably have "Sucker!" tattooed on my ankle in invisible ink that only small, homeless animals can see. Either that or PETA knocked me out, kidnapped me and implanted me with a homing device so that every stray in a 25 mile radius can find me.

I don't know how else to explain it. Why do they always find me?

Because I'm a big, fat sucker when it comes to small cuddly things, that's why!

Here's the newest addition to the Moxie household, Nickel...

Yeah, I know. It's a crappy picture, but I'm not a wildlife photographer, ok? She's really not evil like she kind of looks like in this picture. She's very sweet.

So sweet that when I was sitting outside talking on my cell phone (because ATT can't seem to provide cell service inside) she hopped right up into my lap and started purring.

I didn't ask her to and I told her I couldn't possibly fall in love with her (too late) so she she should just am-scray. Surely she'd get the hint and be gone the next morning.


Sitting right there on the doorstep, meowing to be let in. So I thought that surely she would be gone by the time I got home from work since we hadn't fed her or given her much attention.


Admiring her persistance, I let Darling pet her. Darling then promptly fell in love with her as well. After consulting an exasperated Handsome, we let her in the house and discovered the cat we thought was a boy was really a girl. Which is a bummer, because I've always wanted to name a cat Nicodemus, but well, what can you do?

Nickel took immediately to the food dish and the litter box (thank GOD!!) but not our other two cats, Scaredy and Bully (not their real names).

While there hasn't been any bloodbaths (yet) there is a lot of hissing and a fair amount of caterwauling.

At 3 in the morning. Oh yes, lucky me...

ps...I fully acknowledge that I am one cat away from the dangerous "Cat Lady" territory, so please think happy, non-stray thoughts for me because while Handsome is a patient and tolerant man, he does have his limits.


Lora said...

Awww...I'd do the same thing if I could...but my cat HATES other felines. Horridly.

Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

Mark Smith said...

Maybe she'll have kittens! Then you will be the cat lady. Pretty cat, I'd probably have done the same, and I'm not a cat person.

Sharon Day said...

Maybe they can smell the cat fur that clings to you. Perhaps you should pick up a dog and rub it against your pant leg. Admittedly, that is one silky cute kitty.

Donna. W said...

I believe each and every one of us should accept into our households as many (neutered) animals as we can possibly stand! You're doing great.