Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moxie's Culinary Melting Pot

So...new venture for me...

I'd like to be able to cook a complete meal from each of the ethnic groups that make up the Moxie DNA.

I'd like to keep my heritage alive.

Maybe I just like to eat, I don't know...

My grandmothers were both "a little of this, some of that, a lot of this" kind of cooks. In other words, they failed to pass down written recipes, other than my great grandmother's German Potato Salad recipe and my grandma's povitica recipe.

It's a culinary quest.

Food binds people together. Traditions in food can define a people. (God help us as Americans...hamburgers, nachos, etc...)

So, I'm asking for help. Got any recipes from any of these cultures?

Here's the Moxie stewpot:

1/4 Lithuanian
1/4 Ukrainian (I'm staring at YOU, Meesha!)
1/4 German
1/4ish Britannic (Scottish, English, Irish)
Splash of Native American (Powhatan and TBD tribe)

Please help if you can, otherwise, I'll rely on the Internet...I'll keep you posted on the meals as they progress...


Brigindo said...

My Italian grandmother was famous for her Sauerbraten, which she learned from her mother-in-law (ironically she couldn't cook any Italian dishes). She served it with potato dumplings and red cabbage. It was yummy (back in the day when I ate red meat).

Sorry don't have the recipe but it involves gingersnap cookies and marinating the meat for 3 days.

MoxieMamaKC said...

That is truly my favorite meal on the face of the earth. I've never tried to tackle Sauerbraten, but I just might need to try.