Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shows to Haunt Your DVR

I just saw a great TV Guide-type list of some "scary" shows and movies coming up in the next week or so...something to scare everyone!!!


Scary DVR List


Sharon Day said...

I'm excited about October 25th. History Channel is having a wonderful day of scary stuff and in the evening--a 2-hour Monsterquest on the abominable snowman and followed by a 1-hour special on snowbeast slaughter. I'm glad SyFy is doing 31 days of Halloween, I just wish they hadn't picked the cheesiest horror..

Hyperblogal said...

If I want to be scared to death I just get out my high school yearbook.

Unknown said...

Can't open it - I hate scary stuff. But thanks for thinking of us. :)

kcmeesha said...

I just realized I haven't seen anything here for almost a month;are you OK?