Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why all the Pantyhose Hate?

While reading Sinic's post about her absolutely awesome new suit (break a leg on your interview!!!!) I was exasperated that she decried the wearing of pantyhose.

While I agree with Sinic on many things, this is just one thing I don't get. It seems like none of the women my age (early 30's or younger) like wearing hose. I'm serious. Nobody I know likes them. Is there something wrong with me for loving them?

I love the fall/winter for many reasons. One of them is getting to wear knee high boots and closed-toe shoes with high heels on them. I love woolen tights and pantyhose (stockings if I'm feeling naughty!) during the winter. Summertime is a completely different story. I'd rather be barefoot, to be completely honest. But in winter, I love the warm snugness of wrapping my legs (one of my better physical traits) in nylon.

Am I old fashioned?

Maybe not...

I'll wear my hose with pride.