Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Blogiversary....Or Something

Wow. So I started this blog waaaaay back in January 2008.

I admit....

I've kinda failed at blogging in the last year (or two).

There have been a lot of changes in my life in the last year (which I'll probably get to eventually) and I admit that my reasons for starting this crazy blog have changed as I have evolved as a person (not a bad thing)and I guess my blog has suffered an identity crisis (and me too...).

I'm not ready to give up the "blissful oblivion of anonymous" of my very strong opinions, but I never know how to start once I've gotten an idea of something to write about.

Sometimes I think blogging is just the post modern version of James Joyce's stream of conscience and I've had trouble picking up the thread of my "inner thoughts".

Screw it.

I know "good blogs" have a continuous theme and a continuous message and voice, but I've got to pick up the thread somehow...

I think my favorite posts were just the random "this strikes my fancy so I'll slap some words on the blogisphere about it.


be ready, Constant Reader, for me to unleash some of my randomness in the upcoming days/weeks/months.

I'm ready to just put random stuff out there.

Love it...hate it...I don't care....I just hope you'll continue to stick around for a little bit longer.

Hugs, kisses....