Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shows to Haunt Your DVR

I just saw a great TV Guide-type list of some "scary" shows and movies coming up in the next week or so...something to scare everyone!!!


Scary DVR List

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There goes one of my favorite conspiracy theories

I am a huge fan of The Doors and one of my absolutely FAVORITE conspiracy theories (crazier the better is what I say!) is that Jim Morrison is still alive. Apparently living either in Paris or in Oregon or hell, just about anywhere. Even Ray Manzarek is convinced Jim is possibly alive and hanging out on a remote island.

Regardless, it was a highly circumstantial death...My theory is that everyone was so high, nobody really remembers what happened. I wonder how much of the historical record has been screwed up because of mind/memory-altering substances. It would be curious to research that...

Anywho, one of my favorite conspiracy theories is blown to bits and not even because he really is dead and was killed in a Wiccan handfasting ceremony, because, you know, it probably explains everything.

Jim, I guess, is, alas,really dead as can be seen in the photos below taken by a rock historian, Bret Meisner.

Eerie, huh? Maybe it's time to start new conspiracies about WHY he is haunting his own grave...

At least when I someday make my pilgrimage to leave a bottle of whiskey on his grave at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, I know he might get some use out of it in the afterlife.

Man...now I want to crank up "Soul Kitchen" and bliss out!

Friday, October 9, 2009

No one ever said she didn't have a good imagination...

In a day and age where parents are guilt tripped into creating perfect little adults that read on a college level by the third grade, it's nice to know Darling's still got a crazy streak.

She probably gets it from her parents.

ps...note the fact she's lost her bottom two teeth. Kindergarten picture day is Monday. Awesome.

Apparently, I have a "sucker" tattoo

Yep. I probably have "Sucker!" tattooed on my ankle in invisible ink that only small, homeless animals can see. Either that or PETA knocked me out, kidnapped me and implanted me with a homing device so that every stray in a 25 mile radius can find me.

I don't know how else to explain it. Why do they always find me?

Because I'm a big, fat sucker when it comes to small cuddly things, that's why!

Here's the newest addition to the Moxie household, Nickel...

Yeah, I know. It's a crappy picture, but I'm not a wildlife photographer, ok? She's really not evil like she kind of looks like in this picture. She's very sweet.

So sweet that when I was sitting outside talking on my cell phone (because ATT can't seem to provide cell service inside) she hopped right up into my lap and started purring.

I didn't ask her to and I told her I couldn't possibly fall in love with her (too late) so she she should just am-scray. Surely she'd get the hint and be gone the next morning.


Sitting right there on the doorstep, meowing to be let in. So I thought that surely she would be gone by the time I got home from work since we hadn't fed her or given her much attention.


Admiring her persistance, I let Darling pet her. Darling then promptly fell in love with her as well. After consulting an exasperated Handsome, we let her in the house and discovered the cat we thought was a boy was really a girl. Which is a bummer, because I've always wanted to name a cat Nicodemus, but well, what can you do?

Nickel took immediately to the food dish and the litter box (thank GOD!!) but not our other two cats, Scaredy and Bully (not their real names).

While there hasn't been any bloodbaths (yet) there is a lot of hissing and a fair amount of caterwauling.

At 3 in the morning. Oh yes, lucky me...

ps...I fully acknowledge that I am one cat away from the dangerous "Cat Lady" territory, so please think happy, non-stray thoughts for me because while Handsome is a patient and tolerant man, he does have his limits.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Thank goodness it's October!

My favorite month!!

and...yeah...um...Wow! 2 weeks from whence I last posted. I should apologize, Constant Reader, but I'm not gonna. I'll just let my Catholic guilt steep a little.

It's been a crazy, wild autumnal ride through Moxie-topia. Everything from Darling's lost teeth, to Handsome closing and opening another show to in-law visits and stray cat adoption and planning my sister's birthday party, it's been insanity. Not to mention the generic melee that the month of October usually brings.

Still, October is my favorite month and while I haven't been blogging/commenting, I have been collecting some pretty awesome finds from around the internet that are related to my favorite time of the year.

So, I brought you some stuff, that makes up for my absence, right?

Pumpkin Bites

I'm a HUGE fan of pumpkin pie and these are just so darling! I saw them over at Bakerella and now I'm making these for my sister's birthday party on Saturday. Get the recipe! I can't wait to make these.

(Side note: I LOVE making pumpkin pie, but when my grandma-in-law comes to visit, I can't make it with nutmeg because she's allergic. Who the F*CK is allergic to NUTMEG? Nobody, that's who. I think she's making it up.)

Leafy Luminaries

Gorgeous, no?

Autumnforest is one of my favorite bloggers. These luminaries are so adorable. Nice, cheap, easy decorating that even a kindergartener can do it. Go and check out her blog this month for some really great ghost related topics. She's truly awesome!

Scary Board Games

Ok, well, you were already half way to a party anyway with the pumpkin bites and luminaries, so you might as well hit the thrift stores (or Amazon) and find one of these awesome retro-scary board games. These look like so much fun! (notable exception: Ouija board. Read here if you want my full opinion of the damn things. I don't like repeating myself.)


Time to kick back with a Trick-or-tini or two (try saying that after having more than two), or one of these, and just enjoy Moxie's favorite month!

Even though I'm not doing the Ghost Posts this year (I really am busy, I'm not making it up!), you can still enjoy my archives and I'll probably post a few this month just for fun.

If you want to send me a ghost story, I'd be more than happy to have a guest blogger for a day!