Wednesday, May 13, 2009

RetroGag: The Salmon Volcano of Doom

Retrosnark is one of my favorite blogs for old cookbooks/ads/whatnot from bygone eras. He shares my distaste for Jello molds and he also found this delightful gem:
This is truly has no words for it. To me it looks like cat food gussied up with some baby poop icing. I'm not even going to try and figure out what the chunky bits are that are in the "salmon".

They claim it's salmon covered in guacamole. I personally don't believe it, but you can judge for yourself.

Could you possibly imagine going to a pot luck, party or family gathering and just dying to try some of that?


Hyperblogal said...

It looks like a biology experiment gone very, very wrong.

Nuke said...

It looks like something from Fear Factor.

Unknown said...

That is just NASTY!

The hot dog/spaghetti one? I actually tried it tonight. Thanks for the idea, it was fun! :)