Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Retro Gag Bonus: A Braver Blogger Than I

Since I was sick/dealing with a sick kid two weeks ago and promised an extra Retro Gag post, I'm making good on it today and offering up the work of Cleanser over at the good old days.

While I may just scoff and feel ill about the thought of actually eating some of my Retro Gag Recipe finds, this intrepid blogger actually cooks and taste tests them!!!

She's drank Hot Dr. Pepper, and even tried the Hot Dog Jello disaster.

The best part are the pictures. Seriously, check out her site. It's beyond awesome and chock full of fascinating retro-fabulousness!

Her latest act of bravery involves two of my favorite things: hot dogs and barbecue sauce (or the attempt at the greatest condiment known to man).

Sounds fabulous to a native Kansas Citian, right?

Check out her "Deviled Hot Dogs with Frenchwise Barbecue Sauce" voyage.

She says it's not bad.

Meh...I'll stick with my Gates.


Mark Smith said...

I actually like a hot cup O Dr pepper. It has to be hot, not tepid or room temp. My Okie relatives swear by it when your sick.

Sharon Day said...

There was once a 70s made-for-tv movie called "Devil Dog: Hound From Hell." Perhaps the writer ate one of these and was inspired...