Monday, August 10, 2009

KC Komen Walk: A Pictoral

Yesterday was the KC Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and it was an incredibly hot day. Despite that, Darling, Handsome, Mother in Law and I did the 5k Walk (like I could run that distance!) I raced in the memory of Handsome's Aunt/Godmother who passed away January 2008 and in celebration of my favorite docent at the museum who has survived for almost 5 years and counting. (I wore a special sheet saying "I run in celebration of _____" and gave it to my docent after the race yesterday and she almost cried. I was kind of surprised how touched she was...)

Having done the St. Louis Walk in June, I had a few thoughts.

There were 68,000 people (I think) in St. Louis. There were 28,000 in KC. Parking-wise, St. Louis and their MetroLink light rail whooped our 2 mile back up on I-70. STL was a lot more organized than KC.

In STL, there were people standing in the middle of the street handing out paper cups of water with trash cans near by. In KC, you were supposed to refill your water bottle from volunteers with gallon jugs and there were no misting stations. KC: Big Time Fail.

None of the businesses in Crown Center or Union Station were open after the race. This sucked. BUT, the free give away area in KC was set up MUCH better than in STL which was a major crunched-up mess-fest.

KC had a much more interesting walk route. Better scenery, better bands to play music along the way (Everything from jazzy blues to rockabilly to classic rock to alternative rock). More happier volunteers even though it was a lot hotter yesterday...Our Survivor's Walk (around the fountain in front of Union Station) was a lot more moving and special for the Survivors.

Despite my bitching about logistics, it was a lot more enjoyable overall in KC, but maybe I'm biased.

Here's some random pics from the day, please excuse the crappy photography but I was sweating, walking and more focused on climbing the hills.

Starting off early in Union Station.

Darling was NOT exactly enthusiastic to be up that early after a week at Grandma's...

There were some really great bands along the way...

This little boy's shirt broke my heart...

Darling was really impressed with the giant shopping cart...

Why does the WWI Museum have to look like a giant penis???

The splash fountains at Crown Center? Darling was ready for that!!!

Handsome has been growing out his hair for a year and a half in order to donate it to Beautiful Lengths, in memory of his aunt. Yesterday, after the Komen Walk, he finally cut it.

I'm relieved....and a little sad...and yes, I know...that is a lot of hair and yes it did all come from him.


Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

What a great cause, way to go!! And your skinless weiners, OM goodness, gross!

Tony said...

Awesome photos. I linked.

Beautiful Mess said...

Way to go! You guys totally did it! Congrats! Good for Handsome. What an accomplishment!

Housewife Savant said...

I'm just two hours from STL, and it was hot on race day fo sizzle.
(Fo SIZZLE, haha. I crack me up.)
I don't know whether to congratulate you or thank you. I'm not directly affected by breast cancer, but we all know and love some women who are/were.
Way to go.

Unknown said...

Wow Moxie! I came by to visit from Sits this morning. What a wonderful cause and reason to give up your Sunday for! It was a hot one too! I'm from KC too! Your pictures were fun to see.