Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Retro Gag: Bad Choices with Seafood Edition

It's been forever and a day since I've posted (much of anything) a Retro Gag post, but alas, I can usually find something that's disgusting and this takes the cake, or the Jello mold...

Behold the Lobster Relish Mold:

I know, it kind of burns, doesn't it? Don't look directly at it...indirectly looking at it out of the corner of your eye makes it a bit easier...

Take note of the baby olive mold right next the volcano of suspended lobster meat. Disgusting. I still can't figure out what the little basket-y things are, and that's probably for the best.

This too is a horrifying recipe for "Ring Around the Tuna" (Just the name makes me cringe and think of dirty filthy STDs)

The worst part of this recipe is the fact that the Tuna is green. Perhaps eating green meat concoctions is ok for some people, but I'm literally gagging. Not to mention the mix of Lime jello, onions and olives.

Salmon Float

Salmon, jello, tomato, vinegar and hard boiled eggs. Sweet Mother of Pearl!!! It looks like it's staring at me...I wouldn't turn my back on this dish at a church supper.

Tongue Mould

You know what? I think at this point the "chefs" that wrote this cookbook are just fucking around with this one. I cannot think of single human being who would willingly eat tongue flavored Jello. I feel sorry for the artist who had to draw the picture. Completely uncalled for.

There are some other great/terrifying Jello Recipes over here. Check them out if you dare!


Nuke718 said...

I remember some pretty questionable jello based side dishes at the Church luncheons growing up. But honestly, if I had been forced to eat that kind of crap I might have had to renounce my religion.

I usually tried to get lime jello with pears. Any of the more exotic ones were just... ewwww.

Nick said...

the top illustration resembles illustrations in old Weird Tales stories about Cthulhu...


MGW said...

Oh, my. 1950's food. My mother thought all these jello mold things were tasty - and made them -- and forced the family to eat them, too. Worse they were considered "holiday" food. Nasty memories, really.