Friday, June 5, 2009

Making the Grown Up Choice for the Weekend

Since I work every other weekend, my precious free time is well, extra-precious...

What I would like to do this weekend (in no particular order):

~ Hang out with some of my friends and FINALLY go see The Elders play live

~ Hang out with some of my gay friends and support them in their Gay Pride Festivities

~ Hang out with my Handsome and Darling and set up the 4ft x 10ft pool in the backyard. Bask in the freezing water and splash. Convince Darling it's ok to put her face in the water.

~ Splay out on the couch with some Waldo Pizza, a few beers, my Hubby, Daughter and cats. Watch a commercially-interrupted, edited-for-tv movie.

~ Hang out with my BFF for a Girls Night Sleepover. We do this from time to time and other than a funeral, I haven't gotten to hang out with her in 2 months. Eat, drink, stay up late talking . . . sleep late.

What I shall be doing:
~ Hanging out with my BFF, helping her prepare for her garage sale tomorrow morning until the wee hours of the morning, and then get up before 7 to help her be ready for the hordes that descend upon the Lakewood Garage Sale every year.


At least I get to hang out with BFF. I adore her beyond belief and am excited to get to spend some time with just her, but still...this is supposed to be my work-free weekend.

I'm such a damn whiner. I know this. I'll go and have a great time. I'm just work-zapped right now...


Tony said...

Sweet list!!!

Mine usually starts drinking and then ends up with nothing much else accomplished. Yours is much better.