Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I promised myself I wouldn't blog about

I've been seriously neglectful of my hordes (2 or 3 of you) of adoring fans for the last couple of weeks. I'm not even sure why I haven't posted more, but I realized today that I needed to stop neglecting you.

I received a Facebook comment on my status (which was something about wanting to run away and join the circus) from one of my friends/acquaintances:

"I think you should be a writer. Your posts are hilarious. And I think they need better writers in the circus."

And the whole reason for having this super secret Moxie identity and super rocking blog is to vent my feelings without censorship/hurt feelings of those I love and respect.

But, you know, sometimes, Constant Reader, I just don't feel like talking about things that really bother me. But, as someone (and I can't think of who right now) said, "When the itch to write overcomes you nothing can cure it like the scratching of a pen" (or something similar to that).

So, here I am scratching. I have a big mouth/active mind/semi-fast typing fingers, so until it's out, it's still itchy. No more censoring myself about it.

Things that I'm not going to blog about:

1. How nervous I am about Darling starting her Kindergarten camp on the 15th. She's younger than all of the other kids in her class and even though she's razor sharp and she'll be fine, I still worry.

2. How much I wanted to cry the other night when Darling was saying her prayers at bedtime and stopped in the middle of asking God for a baby brother and looked over at me since I told her to stop asking me for one. (I don't know for sure if I can/want another.) I felt like a total piece of selfish shit.

3. How much I'd like, just for once, to receive a decent, meaningful compliment from my boss. As the chief marketing strategist and creative designer, it would be nice to know he acknowledges the fact that I'm trying so hard (and I think succeeding!) to do my part to keep the company afloat in this crazy economy. Something more than a mumble in recognition would be nice. I don't need it all the time, just occasionally. I'll even stop being hurt you ignored my birthday for the last 2 years.

4. How incredibly guilty I feel for needing just a little praise. I'm so thankful to have a job right now it isn't even funny. I really should not be complaining. I really do love my job.

5. How I'd like to have just a little time off to myself, sans-Handsome, sans-Darling, sans-anyotherpersonsproblems. A nice sunny room with a comfortable reading spot. Just for a day.

6. How angry I am at all the people in the world who are saying that because I'm pro-life (with addendums), I'm a horrible person and a right wing nut job. I'd really like to write a post about:
A. How Dr. Tiller was a human being. A father, husband, brother, son, friend to someone. Regardless of how much I disagree with the idea of some late term abortions, I'm still sad that a human being lost his life for absolutely no reason and that his family and friends have lost him.
B. How I am pro-life. Everyone is pro-life unless you're on a homicidal rampage. No one, especially Americans, want to be labeled anti-choice. Just like there are many stages of life, there are many facets to choice. I am very much FOR making good, well thought out choices. I'm irritated to be labeled as anti-choice.
C. The guy who killed Dr. Tiller was a crazy lunatic. To say he represents the pro-life movement in any way is like saying David Koresh is representative of all Christianity, Osama bin Laden is representative of all Muslims or that James Earl Ray was representative of all white people. Stupid.
D. I don't understand protesting outside abortion clinics. They are performing legal services inside the clinic. No American citizen should feel intimidated to go to work/or have a legal health procedure performed. If you don't like the fact abortions occur, take your show on the road to your state capital/Washington and protest somewhere where it might make a difference. Work for legislative change, instead of expressing meaningless symbolic anger. At the same time, you need to be realistic enough to accept that abortion will never be outlawed again.

7. How absolutely asinine I think it is that The Kansas City Star won't print the marriage/civil union announcements of gay couples in their Weddings section. Ridiculous. Wake up and join the 21st century. Just as I accept that Roe vs. Wade will never be overturned, anti-gay marriage people need to just accept that gay people can make life long commitments to one another and should have the legal rights that all other American couples have.

I think for now that's all the "I'm not going to blog about this" stuff I have for now.....


Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Well THIS reader has you on Google Reader so your new posts pop up whenever you write them - no worries from over here. :)

Hopefully it felt good to get all that off your chest. There are times when I consider starting an anonymous blog so I can vent ... might still have to do that. Family, work, other people, life in general - these are all huge stressors. Not much I can do to help, but I'm sending a hug your way {{{hug}}} and maybe a good stiff drink as well! ~LOL~

kcmeesha said...

your daughter will do just fine, much better than you

Hyperblogal said...

Very nice post... and a welcome one at that. You may consider us your vent receivers... Darling will be fine and make all kinds of new friends. Heck I still worry about my 20 year old driving over to her boyfriends house.... not worried about him or her driving... just the nut hats they give licenses too. The Star announced that the policy is changed effective immediately.... see... one post from Moxie and the earth moves :)

Hyperblogal said...

Forgot to mention.... the house I blogged about last, 412 Gladstone Manor... is now on the market. You can come home Moxie!!! It's a bed and breakfast too so when Handsome isn't learning lines he can be cracking eggs.

Green-Eyed Momster said...


Beautiful Mess said...

If you ever find that day with the nice sun and a spot to read, can you tell me about it, please? I promise not to go WITH you, but after or before. Darling will have a BLAST in kindergarten. Zilla told me he "forgot" all about me until I picked him up *sigh*
I hope you're feeling better after blogging about things you're not going to blog about.

Kansas Sity Sinic said...

Are you on twitter? I just joined and I LIKE IT!

Maureen Lawlor said...

That was totally bitchin, and worth waiting for.

MoxieMamaKC said...

Thanks for the nice comments, guys. Hyperblogal: I vaguely know Bruce and Veda (Bruce was retiring from the Museum around the time I started) but I did get to go on a tour of their house. How sad they are selling it! Sinic: Crackbook and blogging are enough to keep me busy right now, but I am curious about twitter, I just haven't caved all the way....

Muser Grace said...

Love this post! Venting rocks! And I like your pro-life with reservations thing. That's where I find myself, and it's a sticky place to be.