Friday, February 1, 2008

Bathtime Funtime....

So, tonight's bathtime dialogue:

Me, entering the bathroom, noticing Handsome Hubby washing Darling Daughter. I make note of his plumber's inpersonation and adjust the level of his pj pants. I turn to DD and say:

ME: "DD, repeat after me: Crack is Whack"
DD: "Crackawhacka"
ME: "Close enough. We just had our first anti-drug talk. Nobody can say we didn't start early."
HH: "Repeat after me: 'You got it dude!"
DD: "Gotitdude"
ME: "If you ever turn out like the Olsen Twins, I'm putting you over my knee and spanking you."
DD: "But it would be nice if you supported us in our old age"
ME: "DD, Repeat after me: 'You got it dude!"
DD: "Gotitdude"
ME: "Can you be a nuclear physicist and support us?"
DD: "Gotitdude"

Excellent (In my Mr. Smithers from The Simpson's voice). Screw Social Security, my old age is SET!!! We're the best parents EVER!