Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can I have a different choice?

It's only February and I'm already depressed about November. I have a history degree. I LOVE politics. I love the drama of American politics. What I don't love this year are my choices. Not a single one. No candidate speaks to me, inspires me, gives me any kind of reassurance that the "sun'll come out tomorrow" on the doom and gloom of the economy and war.

I admit that I voted for McCain in the primary (I am not committed to either party, I vote my conscience. BUT....I've never voted the Republican ticket in a primary ever!). I only did it to stop Mitt Romney. I don't like that guy. I don't know what it is about him but he gives me the willies. McCain is the lesser of the two Republican evils.

While I haven't met any rabid McCain fans, and I am very far from one myself, the Obama/Hillary folks are getting on my nerves. I have met so many women who stare at me flabbergasted that I'm not on the Hillary Hoo-Rah Wagon. "Don't you want a woman president?!" they almost shriek hysterically. Yeah, I'd love it, but I'm not going to vote for somebody just because they have a vagina.

Similar deal with Obama supporters. "Don't you want ~Change~? Don't you have ~Hope~?Are you racist? Why don't you like him?" First off, I don't care if our next president is purple, I don't get what Obama's gonna change. I was ~Hoping~ for something better than what we've had the last 8 years, but the Democrats really disappointed me but not rising to the challenge of a decent candidate.

I don't care about gender/race/whatever, I want somebody with the political cajones to fix the country. A fist term, still wet behind the ears Senator who hasn't had the time to build up the experience and political support behind him or a conniving, something I don't trust career politician just aren't going to pull us out of the pit that the US is tumbling into.

I took a political quiz about a month ago and based on answers given, I was supposed to be aligned with my perfect candidate. Apparently that would be Ron Paul, the grass roots whackadoo. Swell. I know I'm VERY conservative on some issues and VERY liberal on others, but seriously, Ron Paul? I'm still reeling in shock.

Maybe I'll vote for that kid that got kicked off American Idol already. You know, the skinny teenager with the mop hair, Buddy Holly glasses and the ties? Kid's got as good a chance as anybody, if he were old enough to run....

Sigh....can we have a do-over this year. I was so looking forward to it and now I'm disappointed. I'm still waiting for Super "Semi-Conservative, Semi-Liberal, Fix the Shit at Home First" Candidate to fly in and save the day before November. I'll even play a damsel in distress that needs saving if need be. I'll even show off a little bit of heaving bosoms for the cause if it'll get the job done. It's not beneath me to flash a little cleavage if it's my patriotic duty. Yeah...I'll sink that low...