Friday, February 29, 2008

Wow! Somebody actually reads this . . .

One of the first blogs I read everyday is Tony's Kansas City.

How suprised was I to discover that he linked to my article on "Bodies Revealed"! I had no idea anyone was even reading this thing. I haven't even told my husband. I kind of like my litttle secret corner of the internet.

I also have a MySpace blog, which I've written for over a year. I know, amateur, but it's fun. I have a great following of my friends as readers, but I noticed I started to censor myself. There were topics that I wouldn't want my husband, friends, husband's friends or family reading my real opinion about.

So I decided to uncensor myself. So I started this blog. I read a lot of blogs (especially Kansas City bloggers) and thought I could open myself up to strangers opinions. I'm in advertising, I'm used to criticism. I'm cool with it, but I wanted to build up a collection of posts before linking to others/asking to be linked to.

I guess Tony outed me. That's cool. I feel honored to be read by the most well known/read blogger in Kansas City. I agree with roughly 6% of what he writes, but I still always read him. He always has something interesting to say. He's alternative, and not afraid to get in people's faces. I'd go so far as to say "He's got Moxie!". (He's the one that actually started my addiction to reading/writing blogs.

So anyway, cool that I'm not the only one reading my own blog. Soon I think I'll be ready to start contacting other bloggers.