Monday, March 3, 2008

I survived!

Despite feeling kinda yucky this weekend (still battling the vestiges of that horrible flu/snot thing going around), I survived my mother in law's visit mostly still in tact.

Tomorrow is Handsome Hubby's birthday so his parents and Grandma came up for the weekend. (Plus they came to see his show). I love my mother in law, I actually like her better than my own mom, but she wears me out. Between her siege of my kitchen (she's a horrible cook, but insists on cooking when she visits. One of her signature dishes: shredded cabbage in orange jello), her extreme Republican opinions, and my dreaded feeling that she's judging how I'm raising Darling Daughter, I'm worn out by the time they leave.

I'm officially worn out, but it was a nice weekend anyway. HH had a call back audition for a show that's going up this summer after he had already done a performance of his current show, so he's worn out too. LATE last night he got the call that he got the part he wanted, so good for him!

Tonight is definitely a sit our butts on the couch night. Sigh...I'm so looking forward to that.