Monday, March 10, 2008

Big Girl Bed

A Rite of Passage occurred this weekend. Darling Daughter graduated from Toddler Bed to "Big Girl Bed".

A month ago, I was discussing with my mother in law the fact that DD is getting too tall/long for her toddler bed and that it was probably time to start looking at twin beds for her. Being the thrifty Mother in Law that she is, she said we could have Handsome Hubby's youngest brother's bed. He's moved out and it's just sitting there....It's not my ideal choice, but hey, it's free.

It's one of those beds that has the drawers underneath and not having a ton of room in our house, it seemed like a great idea. More storage is always a great choice.....

Until we actually put it together in our house and DD stood next to it. She needs a ladder to climb up into it. I'm not kidding. It's mid-chest tall to DD.

So now I'm worried about her falling out of bed when her menagerie of stuffed animals she insists upon forces her to the edge. I was worried she wouldn't take to it (She's slightly fearful of heights).

I was wrong. She loves it. She's like the Princess and the Pea in her elevated glory. That makes me happy. I kissed her good night, left the room, closed the door and then I remembered.

I turned to HH and asked, "Did sex on that bed several years ago?"

HH laughed and said, "Yeah...yeah we did"