Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Ghost Posts: The Prequel

Ok, guys, I'm serious about doing at least 31 posts that are ghosty/paranormal related during October. Last week I sent out the call for your very own ghost stories. I've got a gory one from Emaw and a heart string tugger from XO (yeah, I'm surprised too, but it almost made me cry).

Frankly, I'm kind of disappointed in only 2 entries. Maybe you're a procrastinator like me and just waiting for the last second to send in your entry. SEPT. 30 is the the deadline!!! Dude! That's next Tuesday! Hurry UP!

I'll even sweeten up the deal. The winner will receive a fabulous (dirt cheap from Big Lots or Wal-Mart)holiday (Thanksgiving or Christmas or Hanukkah (sp)) prize from me. I'm letting people vote on the best story. The prize will be hand picked based on the particular nature of the winning author. I'll mail you the equivalent of a White Elephant Gift that you can regift for the office Christmas gift exchange. Hey, I'm just saving you time.

It doesn't matter if it's funny, scary, semi-made up, just send them in. And tell your friends and neighbors to send in their stories. (As an advertising professional, Moxie loves her some viral marketing.) I don't even care if it's a silly story of how you got scared of the silhouette of the stuffed animal in the closet when you were 5, thinking it was a monster. I'll take your Ouijas, your Bigfoots, your UFOs AND your ghosts. It doesn't even have to be a Kansas City story, out of town readers. (Am I starting to sound desperate?)

I'm getting ready. I've already started a list of stuff I'm going to post. (I f'in made a list and that doesn't happen often. I'm being organized!)

I'll take your suggestions on the top 10 scariest/most haunted places in KC, books you've read, movies and mythical creatures.

Just email me at: or

In the meantime, get ready for Oct. 1 and tell me which of these "The Ghost Posts" logos you like best, m'kay? Not my greatest design work, but I half-assed it due to other real life obligations. Gimme a break, hm?