Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh, who cares she's knocked up?

Jeez. Ho Hum already.

17 yr old unwed mothers are a dime a dozen in the US today. Who cares? After the whole Juno movie and those crazy pregnancy pact teens on the east coast, is anyone really surprised that even the Republicans have unwed teen moms in the closet?

Personally, being the conspiracy theory addict that I am, I was more impressed with this crazy, pre-"Bristol's knocked up" shocking rumor. This story would be a lot more interesting if Trig, the Down's Syndrome son was really Bristol's. That's all kinds of interesting.

I wish all of the "Sarah Palin should be home with her kids" people would shut up. If it works for her family, so be it. However, my personal opinion of a mother that can leave her 3 day old special needs child to return to work is not exactly on the favorable side of the meter. Sure, you're a public servant, but you're a mother and a wife before that. (Besides, I could barely stand up 3 days after having Darling. I guess by your 5th kid it's easier?)

I'm more concerned about Palin's lack of experience in politics/government than her family life. McCain's a one term prez at best and if he keels over in office (not that unlikely), would you really want somebody that inexperienced running the country?

Makes Joe Biden look a lot better.

I'm so sick of this, can we move on now?



Unknown said...

I think I would be more excited to watch a video in youtube of someone shaving a rat, than this news story... but I do understand why this story is making such headlines.

The republicans are the ones that have always demonized premarital sex because of their strong evangelical base, so to have someone now representing them that has their own teenager with a bun in the oven is pretty ironic... you do see the irony?

Hey There! I'm Amanda! said...

I'm pretty sure by the 5th kid you can deliver via drive-thru-style at the hospital and return to work the next day. I think I heard that somewhere...

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this post!