Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Humanity Isn't all that bad (some days)

While I pretty much get irritated by the glorification of fictional pirates and the recent glut of piratical consummerism (even IF Johnny Depp IS hot), I can always appreciate a good Fred Phelps & Fam shaming. There is probably no one who embarasses me more to be an American than him (and GWB). But then again I can't stand anyone who zealously spews hate in the name of a Higher Being.

I saw this over on Plog and honestly, I think the clouds are parting on my Angry Storm after yesterday. Maybe I am turning more like Pollyanna the more I mature.

(Pause for scornful laughter)

Maybe I need a band of fictional, romanticized pirates to chase Kansas City's attempted car theives...

Nevertheless, I think it's a brilliant way to deal with whackadoos like Phelps. Who knew ridiculous mockery of their hate/"religious" crusade would be such a powerful weapon?

Maybe it's a tactic we can employ in the Middle East? Or not?

No, truly, the lesson that we should get from this story is that Pasta and Pirates should only be harnessed for good against the forces of biogtry and hate.

I'm in a better mood today, btw, my neighbor is fine, but her car was ransacked too. No word on how her keys mysteriously ended up on our front porch before work or how the owner's manual to our car showed up there when we returned from work. Neighbors have been questioned, but no one knows anything. Kind of freaks me out still.


Hey There! I'm Amanda! said...

Way to be a glass half full kind of girl!
A few years back the protesters of the Phelps jackballs dressed up in clown suits and held up signs that said "God Hates Clowns". It was a proud day in T-Town.