Saturday, September 27, 2008

I apparently watched something completely different last night.

Honestly? I'm not a pro-McCain or a pro-Obama voter. I'm dead set in the middle. I can't make my mind up. And I truly would like to. I don't want to pull another 2004 election where I passively-resisted voting for the President on the ballot and instead voted with an informed choice for my state and local elections.

I'm a true "Undecided" that hoped the debates would sway me one way or the other.

So far?


I agree with both of them on certain points, but I am shocked that that anyone could think that Obama beat McCain last night. What kind of Kool-Aid were you drinking? It must have been Obama MaMa, because I didn't see it.

Then again, I have a degree in American history and I know what happens when we pull out of the Middle East/Latin America pre-maturely.

Umm...hello? Read your history books, kids...Afghanistan in the 1980's? Those who do not learn from history... and all of that.

We're f'd if we pull out too early without the foreplay of diplomacy.

I'm kinda regretting that only one of them gets to be president. Foreign Policy wise, I'm with McCain. Domestically, Obama has my vote hands down.

I'm shocked, as an educated American that anyone could disagree with McCain last night. He has spent the last 30+ years understanding foreign policy as a soldier/POW/Senator.

Kids, regardless of what you want to believe, he knows his shit. At the same time, I understand that we need to get the hell out of there.

My father is a Vietnam Vet. Some of my closest friends just came back from Iraq. I hate the shit that f'd them up.

I worked for a company that gave loans to active duty/retired military during 9/11. I pray for them everyday. I heard their stories up close, days after it happened as their sons/husbands/fathers were sent off into the Atlantic/Pacific to places unknown to them...they were scared, they were shocked...but every single one of them were brave.

My sweet, genius cousin John is there right now. I miss him. I pray for him. I constantly worry for him. He's Special Ops. He's the one going in, pulling people out of the hovels and interrogating them. I flash back to my sensitive, incredible father and I pray John never has that PSTD...Until it's your family that is affected/scarred, until you stand across the room and scream for your PSTD father to wake up because if you touch him he'll toss you across the room, you have no room to talk.

I hate this election because I'm not sure which is most important for America right abroad or security here.

Don't jump to conclusions, it's a harder question than it seems, if you have the education and/or intellect to really have an opinion, please...really. really. REALLY think...

This is a brink of American history that our generation has never known before. It's like the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books when we were kids, except this time the stakes are so high we can have a "Do Over".

I don't know if it Obama or McCain, but I feel the pressure of history on our shoulders this election...

I'm trying to make the right choice, how about you?


kcmeesha said...

Kids, regardless of what you want to believe, he knows his shit. that's your assumption- he may be saying the right shit, but he has no better idea about foreign policy than anyone else.being soldier/pow/senator doesn't train you to be a diplomat. I was a soldier, make me an ambassador to Bahamas. Presidents make their foreign policy decisions based on convictions, hunch and/or intelligence. 95% of the time it's a wrong decision. name a president who you think was an expert, the luckiest ones just managed not to screw it up even more.

Sizzle said...

Did you see the link I had on my blog today about the fact checking from the debate? It was really interesting. Both said some things that weren't accurate. I was put off by McCain's inability to LOOK at Obama ever during the 90 minute debate. And later (thanks to the internet!) realized that McCain said "horseshit" twice under his breath. That's just disrespectful. I do think McCain makes some good points but for me, Obama stands for the things that matter the most to me. It's important for all of us to weigh both sides and come to our own conclusions. Either way, being the President of America is one HELL of a hard job.

Spyder said...

I use to have respect for McCain but not any more. I'm tired of my repeating himself every time he has a chance saying he he was a POW. I had a good friend (RIP) who was a POW. He was tortured. Because of it he became an alcoholic. And eventually went to AA. He never brought up his POW experience. I have the most respect for Bob. He made a life that reflected the positive things he was doing. Not living in the past & trying to get sympathy by bringing up the POW experience. A certain NY mayor does the same with 9-11.

Janet said...

McCain voted FOR the war, then promptly voted against additional funding for supplies. He's voted AGAINST every single bill that provides help to our veterans.

Obama has at least said we need to leave Iraq in a 'responsible' manner. He hasn't said how yet, but I'm willing to bet he actually asks people who are experts in that particular field, rather than his cronys.

When you look at their websites, what they SAY they want to do, they look so similar, but when you look at what they've done while in office, it tells a completely different story.

Hey There! I'm Amanda! said...

It IS going to be one hell of a job to have for the guy that gets elected. And we cannot afford to put a "One Trick Pony" in office. We sure as shit better have things figured out internally before all of our soldiers come home. Things are a mess as it is here economically; and socially, we are going to have a lot of boys (and girls)trying to recover from what they have been doing over there (PTSD,alcoholism, depression will abound, as if it isn't already a problem). You're right, Moxie, it is not pretty, seeing someone decompress from war. They are going to need our help recovering. Talk about history repeating itself...Didn't we learn anything from the 'nam?

May said...

I don't understand anyone who walked away from the debates with the idea that McCain understands foreign policy. Instead of answering questions about what he would do, he told totally pointless stories of his travels and meet-and-greets that tell me nothing about his plans and gave me the impression that he didn't know anything but could convince people otherwise since he was a f*ing POW and he can distract everyone with that. Plus, he was blatantly lying about his support of vetrans. If you look at his voting record, he's voted against giving them benefits and it was disgusting to watch him pander to the crowd by talking about what good care he was going to give them.

McCain sucks all around, IMO, but especially for women! There should be no doubt in your mind about who to vote for when McCain consistently votes against raising the minimum wage (most on this pay level are women), against women's sexual health and education rights and Palin is even less female-friendly than her running mate! It's a messed up duo and they'll do nothing but mess up the country worse that W managed to do.

Sugar Britches said...

God love ya, Moxie. I don't blog about politics. The reason? No matter how much I study and read I feel ill-equipped. I feel like I'm coming to a battle of wits unarmed.

I have turned myself upside down trying to figure out where I stand. I'm a moderate in a lot of ways. It's not that I can't make up mind, it's just sometimes, well, most times, I see both sides.

So which side do I feel most strongly about? Who represents those stronger views?

Both depending on the issue.

I don't know either. I'm in the boat with ya, Darlin'. least we're not floating by ourselves.