Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Moving On...Thank you.

Dear Media:

Can we get back to the real issues, please?

I was over the Sarah Palin shocker in about 5 minutes. Honestly, I don't care about the McCain, Palin, Obama or Biden families.

So what? I'm bored.

I agree this an historic election.

I'm neither Republican or Democrat. I'm going to vote for the "team" that has the best, most logical plans to fix the following:

Health Care

Education (Get rid of No Child Left Behind)

Creating jobs that provide a livable wage

Fixing our relationships with foreign powers

Getting our red, white and blue asses out of Iraq in a way that isn't going to leave the Middle East unstable. (We'll just have to go in again or wait for another hit on US soil if we don't. Immediate, unconditional withdrawl is stupid and naiive.)

Most particularly, I would like to know what they plan on doing about the recession that is going to hit during the first quarter of their first term.

Am I being unreasonable? Or should I just wait for Sarah Palin to be on Oprah with her hubby, kids and soon to be grandchild?

Is it me or are you (media) avoiding the issues purposely to get the ratings on the "fascinating" lives of these candidates?

How about some real journalism? Hmm?

Expose the facts, the plans and really stick it to them when it comes to the carry thru.

I'm bored with intangible "Hope".

I'm bored of "Can the Republicans win with Sarah Palin?"

Please stick to the real issues.




Kelly said...

I call it the "politics of distraction". I figure all the politicians just go along with the media and feed the public these stupid stories in the hopes that we're all morons and can be distracted from ever expecting anything of substance from any of them.

Mark Smith said...

cant think of what nightly news network Katie Couric is on, but they are doing a pretty good series on where the candidates really stand, worth a look.