Friday, June 5, 2009

RetroGag: The Diet Edition

Everyone's on a diet, right? Diet food sucks, for the most part, right? You accept this if you have to shave a few jiggly rolls of fat.

I maintain that your food shouldn't scare you.

I found these fascinating Weight Watcher's Recipe cards from 1974. They had it hard in the old days...Click through and see the complete collection...

Fluffy Mackerel Puddding

Uh huh. You heard me right. FLUFFY mackerel...mmmmm

Orange Salad

I'd like to think of something wittier than "What the hell's in that bowl-- bong water?!" but it seems to appropriate.

Liver Masque

I don't know what the hell "masque" means in culinary terms, but jello shouldn't be gray and resemble brains.

Spaghetti Jello

"Alright, kids, Mommy hasn't gone shopping yet, let's see what we've got for dinner...We've got clear gellatin, hard boiled eggs, tomato soup and some vinegar...Let's make a super delicious mold!"
(I'm barfing right now, but thanks, for this one...)

Happy weekend! Remember, don't try these at home!


Hyperblogal said...

I think this diet might actually work. I took one look at the pix and lost my appetite.

kcmeesha said...

it's probably delish, and smoked mackerel is the best

Anonymous said...


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Stacey K said...

RetroGag: The bulimia edition. One look and you will puke.

Muser Grace said...

Oh, my, that looks ummm...scary...yuck! Glad I already had my breakfast.

So I don't know how I missed adding your blog to my google reader, but I haven't been here in ages. I love your blog! And you definitely don't seem to censor. Thanks for visiting me. :)