Monday, January 12, 2009

Are we there yet?

I hate January. It's cold, it's bitter, it's harsh. Just like my mom, who's birthday was last weekend.

Usually somewhere around the the third or fourth week of January I hit my "Winter Blahs" which include mild depression, general fussiness and a bitch of a case of insomnia. No, I'm pretty sure it's not SAD, but it's pretty nasty sometimes.

I'm ahead of schedule this year...

While I've been exceedingly busy at work, and despite the fact I feel slightly rejuvinated from my extended Christmas holiday, my buttons are being pushed right and left.

I've been in a fussy, irritated mood for awhile now. Sorry for the lack of blogging, but this shit is contagious and I didn't want to bring you down.

That being said, I had a great weekend, full of museum stuff, visiting with old friends and I actually got some housework done (which always makes me feel more centered).

But Mondays still bring me down. The teetering pile that is my To Do This Week List looms over me precariously, threatening to come crashing down on my head.

But there's 2 parties at the end of this week, which means beer, which means good fun, right? I haven't drank since the unfortunate Uncle's Homemade Wine/Moonshine Incident of Aught Eight, so I'm overdue for a beer night.

So, that's something to look forward to...Is it Friday yet?


Kansas Sity Sinic said...

T-minus 4 days!

Donna. W said...

From what I've read in blogs, and from what I'm feeling myself, I'd say it would be unusual if you DIDN'T have the winter blahs.