Friday, January 16, 2009

Stop calling me names!

Caveat: This has been sitting in my drafts for about 2 weeks, I was actually about to dump it like so many other wayward posts...It was intended to be an anti-mommyblogger post, but due to current developments, it includes all "labeling" me a certain type of blogger, please excuse me if it seems a bit disjointed...



I hate the word.

I was recently mentioned in some Top 10 KC Blogs lists in a Present Magazine article. (Thanks, guys, I was really touched and honored!) What surprised me was how many bloggers identified me as a "mommyblogger" as a caveat and then went on to say they liked me anyway.

Ok, ok, I know my pseudonym is "Moxie Mama" but still.

I only sometimes write about my kid.


Because I secretly dislike a lot of Mommybloggers. Sure I read them, some of them are actually pretty great...but it's almost like a train wreck, I can't look away from the disasters (and I'm looking at you, Dooce.)

I hope my writing is broader than just that. At least I'm trying for that. Yes, mothering is my most important job and if I'm trying to chronicle the "Life, Times and Observations of Moxie" parenthood factors in. Darling is the funniest, most incredible, most profound person I know. But she isn't everything in my life (no healthy parent should be that child obsessed.)

I enjoy being a marketer and an historian. I know I should write more about both, but it's a fine line to walk when you really like and want to keep your jobs.

Even worse than the "mommyblogger" tag, due to my previous post about the inaugural expenses, I was pinned as being in the "Rabid Retarded Republican Housewife Brigade" by an anonymous poster.

While I appreciate the creative use of alliteration in the label, I don't appreciate the sentiment. Yes, yes, I know that you shouldn't encourage anonymous posters because they like the attention, but dude, a few things, just to clear it up:

1. Be ballsy and brave enough to put your name on your uneducated comments. I'm not ashamed of any of my well-thought out, intelligent opinions. If you're going to call someone names, at least make it accurate to who you're talking about.
2. I am not rabid. I've had my shots, dude.
3. I am not retarded. I have above average intelligence and two college degrees. I'm guessing you don't.
4. Holy Shit!!! I'm not a Republican! If you have read my blog in any depth, you'll know that I do not affiliate with any political party. I am not a republican, a democrat, a libertarian nor am I am member of the Communist party. I'm an American citizen that votes by the issues and her conscience. I want all politicians to be responsible and to be accountable for every vote, decision and action they make.
5. I am not a housewife. Granted, I own a home and I am a wife (and a mommy) but I have 2 jobs. I make more money than my husband does. I don't sit around the house eating bon bons, watching soap operas and blogging about crap. I love being involved in more than I can probably handle. (Why does "housewife" have such a negative connotation? It's a noble profession for many women.)
6. I am not part of any brigade. I generally avoid organized groups.

I knew it would stir feathers to criticize Obama's spending. I know this country needs a really kick ass party to celebrate our liberation from the Bush Administration. A little pomp and circumstance is in order, however, I just think it's in poor taste to spend more money than any other president in history considering how dismal the economy is right now.

I felt like he had the opportunity to set the tone for his expectations of his administration by sending a message of "The government is tightening it's belt on wasteful spending, how about you? Let's fix the economy that's broken. Yes, We Can (Do It Together)"

I'm actually supportive of the Obama Administration. I can't wait to see what he will do. It's going to be an administration like none other in history, but now I expect him to live up to the promises and rhetoric that got him elected.

Spending that much money on a party that no one will really remember 2 years from now is not getting started on the right foot in my opinion. Sorry.


Donna. W said...

I couldn't agree more. You're braver than I am, though. I keep such thoughts to myself. I'm too old to spar with anonymous commenters.

I'm a relatively new reader of this blog, and I certainly would never put you in the "mommy-blogger" category.

ephphathinker said...

That annoy commenter had to do some serious contortions of logic to make those conclusions. Nothing about your post suggested you deserved that label. I doubt they even read all of what you wrote, probably skimmed over the big words.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

The term "mommyblogger" really bugs me for some reason - I'm glad I'm not alone in that. I DID stay home for 5 years (although I was working part time from home for most of it) but I didn't have a blog then. If I did, you can bet that I'd have been writing about something else in addition to kiddo. For me, that's the greatest thing about blogging - if I can't find someone nearby to hold an intelligent conversation with, I can blog my thoughts and get reactions to them from around the world. Like you, I think my kiddo is pretty spectacular. But like you, there is more to my life than kiddo. And I really doubt that anyone - in real life or on the internet - would want to talk to me if kiddo was all I ever talked about. I mean, it's great to commiserate and get advice from IRL friends and bloggers, but I'd like to think my relationships are about more than that. And the vision of mommybloggers that I have is exactly that: focus on self and family, and connecting with other bloggers for that reason only.

Oh, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only blogger who can't stand Dooce!

Anonymous said...

You are an "interesting" blogger, that's the only label I would saddle you with. You write well and I enjoy reading no matter what the topic (and you get a pretty good variety).

I only go to dooce for the "Daily Chuck" my favorite is

Stacey K said...


Go get 'em!

Tony said...

Interesting. I have to admit that I'm guilty of using the "mommyblogger" moniker (and following it up with how much I like this blog).

But NO MORE . . . Yet again, this blog has managed to teach me something.


kcmeesha said...

no blog with word "mama" in the title ever touches my reader. yours is the only one because I started reading it since day one and stuck around. you are also right that obama missed an opportunity to make a pr move.i wasn't even here at the time but even i know that iacocca worked for a dollar a year.these things stick around

Unknown said...

Labels suck, but they are a way of life in our culture. They make people feel better about themselves when they can define others. I am just one of those self important bloggers.

flutter said...

I think you're a writer. So there.