Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A terrible loss for historical preservation...

By now, I'm sure (if you're a Kansas Citian) about the death of Greg Hawley, co-founder of the Steamboat Arabia Museum.

I've had the chance to visit the museum a few times over the years and the Hawley family always struck me as a wonderful family of adventurers. In fact, the last time I visited, they were discussing rumors of another sunken steamboat they might try to locate and excavate.

It's one of our coolest museums and his legacy will live on. How many of us can say that?

I can't even imagine the devastation of such a loss for his family and friends. And for what? A drag race? Why?

I was literally moved to tears after reading James' first hand account. As the mother of a 4 yr old little girl, I couldn't even imagine having to explain seeing something like that to her. How blessed Greg was to have someone like James there in his last few minutes...

At the same time, I agree with Midtown, it's stupid and it's senseless and that 18 yr old kid should be held fully accountable. When I read the details of no tags, no insurance, etc. it justs adds insult to the terrible injury.

Life is such a precious thing that so many of us take for granted and some of us are reckless with.

Very, very sad. KC historical preservation will never be the same.

Please do me a favor, if it's in your budget, donate some money to the Arabia in Greg's honor. Museums are so tight on budgets that your donation could really help keep his dream alive.