Thursday, June 19, 2008

Antebellum Underwear

Dearest Constant Reader...If you are a Constant Reader, you know that I work at a local museum a few weekends a month. I've also promised myself (and my advisor before I graduated) that I would be a serious historian and never break down and do "living history" (ie. be a crazy obsessed reenactor who has no sense of academia to the period).

But.....wellll.....Moxie wants a pretty dress.

I'll admit I have hoop skirt envy. There's just a splash of me that wants to channel my inner Scarlett O'Hara (shut up! She was a strong independent woman in her own way).

It will come in handy for several events that are coming up this fall. It's tax deductible since it's for my job and well, after 5 years, I'm ready for a pretty period appropriate dress (see...I'm justifying my purchase in a totally sensible and reasonable way!).

So I've started researching. I can, within my museum's time period, pick one from the Civil War to the 1930's....who am I kidding? I'm going Civil War ball gown. Not practical, but, oh so pretty.

I discuss with Handsome, who spoils me and let's me have what I want usually when it's completely reasonable. Which I am since I hate spending money.

Me: "This is the dress I'm thinking of..."

Handsome: "So, you'll need a hoop skirt..."

Me: "Yep"

Handsome: "What else?"

Me: "Well, probably a corset..."

Handsome: "Really? What else?"

Me: "I'm not sure, probably ear bobs, a fan, a hair snood, lace gloves, maybe a choker...I need to research..."

Handsome: "What else underneath? Did they wear garters or something?"

Ahhh....I see where this is going...

Me, playing cool/dumb: "Why do you ask? People aren't going to see it. I was planning on just wearing a regular strapless bra and underwear, I don't need to be TOTALLY authentic..."

Handsome (my actor always): "Well, you should be in character..."

Me: "You just want to see me in my chemise, don't you?"

Handsome: "Well somebody has to help you get dressed...and undressed....and I know how modest you usually are, I'm glad to volunteer..."

Me: "Aha....a fantasy?!"

Handsome: "I just like being helpful"

Me: "Uh-huh..."

Handsome (blatantly staring at my boobs): "I do what I can to support you"

Me: "Thanks, honey, I appreciate it. You realize mid-1800 undergarments aren't exactly Victoria's Secret, right?"

Handsome: "That only makes them all the more intriguing..."

Me: "Ok, but that means you need to start wearing your kilt around the house more often.....authentically...." (He wore a kilt for our wedding).

Handsome: "No problem, I'll even bend over seductively for you"

Me: "Thanks"

Handsome: "I do what I can..."

So, the entire point to this post is, well, there is no point except I'm kind of shocked that he would find corsets and petticoats and hoop-skirts sexy...

Not that I'm complaining...There have been costumes that he's worn that might have been brought home for extra-curricular activities a time or two, but I'm not used to being on the receiving end of such intrigue...

So much for the SI Swimsuit Edition, I'll get him Godey's Ladies Journal for his porn time fun....

I'm SO getting laid when I get that dress! SCORE!


Brigindo said...

I'm not surprised, b would feel the same way about antebellum underwear, especially the corset. I do so love a man in a kilt--I would have had him wearing that around the house constantly.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Fabulous! I want a fancy dress now too! ~LOL~

Oh, and my 6 yr old has a kilt that he wears to our local Renaissance Festival. :)

Spyder said...

OMG! My husband is the same way. We met doing Medieval reenactment(SCA). Corsets & chemises ! Oh MY!

Kim said...

Men! They can turn any conversation! nclm

DC said...

The dress is GORGEOUS!! Have fun! :)