Friday, June 27, 2008

Man Cave Gone Wild

I did earn "Coolest Wife" points from his friends for encouraging Handsome to build his fortified Man Cave/Temple to Testosterone.

Whatever. I've been a great wife in all of this. I even helped him track down the perfect corner desk for his computer stuff on Craigslist. Because this isn't supposed to be an expensive venture, remember?

He can have whatever he wants in there (except the 52" plasma, that's out of the budget, buddy)It's his well deserved space.

However, I'm starting to regret it.

He primed the walls and is now considering painting a mural of all the shows he's done. Here's how it went:

Handsome: So I'm thinking of painting a mural on that wall with all the shows I've done.

Me: Umm, sweetheart, you remember that you're colorblind, right? (So much so that he can't tell the difference between red/green and when he was a kid, he thought their black and white tv was color)

Handsome: So?

Me: I've seen your high school art class paintings (green instead of yellow, red instead of get it, right?)

Handsome: Yeah, so?

Me: Will you at least let your brother (the one that isn't colorblind) help you pick out the colors? (Thinking to myself, "That's going to be a bitch to paint over when we sell this house in a few years")

Handsome: I can read labels, I can do it.

Me: Have him help anyway.

I know it's literally not my place, but why a mural? Over the last 12 years of shows, he's collected quite the memorbilia stash. Plus, mural painting will prolong the siding, the bathroom remodel and painting Darling's playroom. Not to mention refinishing the hardwoods in the living room and dining room. We're a DIY, Can Do Operation here at the Moxie Family Compound. Thank God between his father, uncles and himself they can do all this work.

I'm just going to keep biting my tongue, because I promised him, and if company comes over, I'll just shut the door.

That's reasonable, right?