Saturday, June 28, 2008

Random stuff in my head

I'm bored at the museum today. So, I'm blogging about absolutely nothing of any real value. My mind is racing with a bunch of crap though...

In no particular order:

~ Are all tourists from Rhode Island such big assholes as that last guy?

~ If I picked some oregano from their garden, which I enthusiastically accepted, what the hell would I actually do with it?

~ Do I have enough chicken in the freezer to feed 12 tonight?

~ store here I come...

~ Is it too wet to have a picnic?

~ If the MIL and FIL get to our house before I get home for work, she better not start cooking the crap she brought.

~ Has anyone ever had the nerve to tell my MIL that she's a horrible cook and she should let her husband (who is a pretty good cook) do it? I want to watch when somebody gets the balls to do so.

~ What the hell am I going to do with that Donut Maker Handsome "won" yesterday?
~ How did "The Executioner's Song" actually win a Pulitzer? It's the most depressing, tedious book I think I've ever read.

~ I never quit in the middle of a book. I'm tempted though.

~ I hate museum visitors who interrupt my tour to tell me how smart they are. (9 times out of 10 they're not.)

~ Questions are fine, ask away. Don't lecture me with your misinformation. It only embarasses us both.

~ Am I a snob or just fussy today?


kcmeesha said...

When life gives you donut makers-make some donuts.
Send you MIL a link to this blog and run.