Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Creepy UPS Guy

The UPS Guy that delivers to our office looks relatively normal at first glance, late 20's, clean cut, but I assure you he is not all there. He gives off "creepy" vibes and talks in the most obnoxious voice about the weirdest shit.

Submitted for your consideration:

About 20 minutes ago I was outside our office, walking into the building. He's getting out of his truck, carrying our vital, urgently sent packages and I hold the door open for him.

UPS Guy: "Thanks, it sure is going to be a hot one today,"

(High of 88 predicted, much better than the 95 plus from last weekend)

Me: "Um, yeah."

UPS Guy: "Make sure you drink enough water and Gatorade today, you don't want to pass out."

Me (thinking in my head): WTF, I'm wearing a skirt and heels, it's obvious I don't work out in the elements, but an over air-conditioned office.

Me: (saying out loud): "Ok, you be careful too"

See, this wouldn't be really that weird if I hadn't have had a similar run-in on the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Him: "Have you started thawing your turkey out yet?"

Me: "Well, we're going to my mom's..."

Him: "Don't leave it out on the counter to thaw. That's how people get sick."

Me: "Ok."

Him: "I started thawing mine in the fridge last week, just so it'll be ready."

Me: (walking briskly away) "That's good advice, thanks."

I guess the guy's got some major issues with health. I can't figure out why he would completely, out of the blue, totally unprompted by any sense of camaraderie, give health advice like that to complete strangers.

Maybe I just attract the weirdos. I don't know.


kcmeesha said...

The guy delivers boxes all day. He is just happy to see a living person not dressed in brown.

Brigindo said...

Yeah I got one like that in the produce section of my supermarket. He can say hello in the creepiest way.