Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For George....

So, the last post was a Beatles song, aptly performed by the illustrious Joe Cocker.

I would be remiss in allowing anyone to believe that a Beatles song could be sung better by someone who was not a Beatle.

There is no greater band in the history of the universe than the Beatles.


Don't fucking try to debate me unless it's the Doors.

Nirvana is close-ish...but not quite.

I remember the day John Lennon died. It was the first time I ever remember seeing my father cry...I was 4 at the time, but it was dramatic for my parents and it stuck with me. It was truly the day the music died, sorry, Don McLean.

The day George died, I wept. I was 25. I understood then what the world lost...

I was at work.

I read the MSN boards and someone said, "This is the day my guitar truly, gently weeps... rest in peace, George."

I had to go back and think.

In my pre-teen years, I remember George doing this shit:

I then learned what a writer he was and when he died, I learned what he quietly gave to the Beatles...

God bless the poetry The Beatles gave my youth, even if it wasn't my generation.


kcmeesha said...

I actually like "Set on you" and so did Weird Al

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

as soon as I saw george sitting in that chair, i remembered the singing animal heads on the wall ... ah, those were the days ... ~LOL~