Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Best Musical Number of the Season

So everybody else in the world has linked to this today, so Moxie's hopping on the bandwagon. If you've skipped over it before, just watch it so you can keep up with your friends and neighbors.

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Here's my thing as a VERY "Lax About Some Things Catholic"...If you're a Christian (or any other religion, yes Islam too) and, at the core of your faith, you believe that God is love, when you reject a gay relationship that has love then you reject God Himself.

That's the religious side of it. On the pure democratic side of things, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was written with ONE purpose in mind. Self determination with the personal freedoms to pursue your own happiness. It also protects your personal property rights as a US citizen.

Handsome and I have 2 very close friends who have been together about the same time Handsome and I have, 12 years or so. We'll call them the Brookside Gays here because that's what we call them in real life. They have a lovely home in Brookside and an awesome dog. They've both built a life together that is comparable to what Handsome and I have (we have a kid, they have the dog, and their house is way more faa-bu-lous! than ours.)

What freaks me out is let's say one of them gets sick. The other one has NO legal rights to make decisions for his life partner. One of their families hates the other partner and would completely shut them out of any life or death decision making.

That is completely wrong.

If life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the right of all Americans, why shouldn't gays have those rights when it comes to their own happiness. The Brookside Gays have just as a strong a bond as Handsome and I, why can't they have the same rights as us?

And that's all I have to say about that....


Donna. W said...

I think you're right. But then, I posted an entry this evening that might get me roasted. *shrugs*

At my age, who cares?

Dawn said...

SO I'm doing some linky love from my blog to yours because this post is awesome. You completely nailed down my thoughts.