Friday, December 19, 2008

From the WTF Files . . .

Have you ever ran across stories and you're sure they're made up because they are just too "wacky"?

Well, I do.

Just today, I ran across the article about Bristol Palin's future mother in law getting busted for drugs. Makes me wonder two things: A. What the hell is up with those Palins in Alaska?!?! and B. I'm suspicious of Al Gore's mother in law. What do we know about her, REALLY?

Second story: Apparently, Santa's reindeer could be castrated. Dilemma: How to explain to Darling why Rudolph flies a little funny?


Donna. W said...

Rednecks. Gotta love 'em, whether they're in Alaska or Missouri.

I'm not throwing stones, since I'm a certified, trailer-house dwelling redneck myself.

Tony said...

Wacky and weird. Thanks for posting those links, I totally would have missed them without you.